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Kimberly Stamatelos believes that emotional intelligence, active listening and a genuine interest in her clients’ well being gives her an advantage as a leader and professional. While previous generations of lawyers may have sought prestige, notoriety and affluence, Kimberly measures her success in the countless ways she helps her clients solve problems and lead healthier lives — usually without entering the courtroom. She now sees it as her mission to share the concept of compassionate leadership in all professions in order to increase successful business practices while decreasing work-related stress and professional strife.

As a woman, a business owner and legal professional, Kimberly strives to reclaim law as a healing profession, while sharing the benefits of compassionate professionalism in all areas of business regardless of your role or title. Not only does conducting business through this innovative method minimize conflict and unnecessary anxieties — it also restores dignity to all parties and contributes to a healthier society.

Be A Leader

“I imagine you have heard many times before that you have touched someone’s life for the better, but I wanted you to know you can add me to the list.”

-Nicole O.



Restoring Compassion in the Workplace

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Mastering Creative Problem Solving

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Contributing to a Healthier Society

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