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Reclaiming Law as a Healing Profession

Kimberly’s book, “The Compassionate Lawyer,” calls for law professionals to move toward compassion instead of combat. Through practical advice and insightful anecdotes, Kimberly challenges readers to examine their lives and their legal practices, and encourages them to foster a healthier mind, body and spirit. As a person of faith, she has also published a bible study titled “The Spirit-Filled Practice.”

The Compassionate Lawyer

In “The Compassionate Lawyer” Kim calls for lawyers to move toward compassion instead of combat. She lays out seven areas for lawyers to examine their lives and their legal practices. This book gives hope to former or “recovering” lawyers to return to the profession and practice law authentically. It also provides insight for consumers of legal services to know what to look for in a lawyer.

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The Spirit-Filled Practice

As lawyers who try to follow Jesus, we are faced with difficult choices every day. We are to serve Jesus, yet advocate for our clients within an often contentious and intense legal environment. What are we to do? Author Kimberly Stamatelos, a practicing lawyer for the past 35 years, has wrestled with the tension between being a believer in Christ and a champion for her clients. This book gives insight into how she has navigated the path while building a successful law firm. The Spirit-Filled Practice provides legal stories, scriptures and guided questions for reflection and journaling. It is easy to understand what the Bible is doing.

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